Stirring up fine websites

What's a Website?

A website shows words, colors and pictures on your computer screen when you type in a website name or click on a bookmark or a line in a Google search, everyone knows that. However, there are many parts of a website that are not visible on the screen. For a quick look at part of what makes a website work, try going to the "View" menu on your browser and select "Page Source". Instead of the pictures, colors and text that you saw on the web page, you will see pages of text and numbers, some of the "code" that must be written to make the website possible.

What do I need to have a website?

A website needs a name (the "URL"), a space of its own on the internet ("hosting"), a design, regular updating, marketing and maintenance. The Webstirizer will provide these services.

Alternatives to a website

Just use Facebook. You may find that it eats your life, but you will be online. If you just want to blog, try one of the free blogging services such as wordpress.com or blogger.com. To use these services (and free website services) you must accept whatever ads the service owner wants to run on your blog or site. You shouldn't use these free services for anything you want to look professional.